Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Sunlake High School’s New Film Production Club


Isabella Gray

Junior Camila Boada gets feedback from Ms. West on her short film.

Isabella Gray, Staffer

Sunlake High School is home to countless clubs, from National Honor Society to Thespians. There are many clubs on campus, however, that weren’t formed by the school but by students. One of these clubs is Sunlake’s Film Production Club that was just formed this year. This club meets the first Tuesday of every month, and they create movies.

“I was interested in Film Club because I don’t believe Sunlake has had a Film Club yet,” Junior Camila Boada said. “I was curious to see how the first meeting would go.”
At the last meeting, members of the club watched each others’ movies and gave useful feedback on how to make them better.

“Personally, it takes me a while to get used to people,” Camila said. “I’d say I got comfortable with the people around me because we all have a common interest in creating films. Some people are also in the theatre like I am so we already have some similar interests.”

Film club also encourages collaboration. Members come up with ideas together or act in each others’ films when they need extra actors. The environment is perfect for meeting new people.
“I would recommend the club if you want something to do in your spare time,” Camila said. “You don’t have to be on camera acting—you can always work behind the camera doing editing and work in groups.”

The club has room for new members so if you are looking for something fun to do with friends after school, what better way to meet people than to create movies?

“I’m not sure how many people know about Film Club at Sunlake,” Camila said. “So we can try spreading the word out about the club more with posters, etc. The club still isn’t perfect but eventually they’ll get there once everything is set.”

Camila Boada and freshman Joseph Moore at the film club meeting. (Isabella Gray)
Film club members discuss their film ideas and where they are in the filming process. (Isabella Gray)