Environmental Science Field Trip


Morgan Onderdonk

A critter found at Crossbar Ranch during one of the field trip activities.

Cow in its natural habitat.
Photographer: Morgan Onderdonk
Photographer: Morgan Onderdonk

The AP Environmental Science class went on a field trip that helped those in the class to grow and enhance their overall knowledge on the topic of environmental science. They got to go into the environment and swamp areas to have first-hand experiences with the things they were learning about. The excursion brought them through the differing ecosystems, animal types, and more! Morgan Onderdonk, a junior at Sunlake, stated, “The trip was super fun! We got to search for creatures in a swamp area and see uncommon animals.” Not only did the students observe the surrounding areas but also got to learn more in-depth about some environmental features. Morgan expressed, “We got to learn about the aquifers and how we affect the quality of our drinking water. As well as learning about the different pine trees and the process of growing and cutting trees without deforestation.” This shows how the trip was not only a fun day out for the classmates, but was also a fun and unique learning experience where they got to witness, up close and personal, some factors they were taught about. In the end, the students came back from the trip holding more information about environmental science than they had before, and had a whole new perspective and outlook on the subject they were learning.