Video Games at School?


James Magos

People playing video games at video game club.

James Magos, Staffer

When you think of school, you think of a couple of different things: all of the different classes, the homework you get, sports you play. But one thing you do not think about is video games. But here at Sunlake High School, we have a club just for video games.

I met with Amir Garcias who is a freshman in the club at Sunlake and he had some great things to say. When asked what he was currently doing, he said, “I am playing Minecraft with everybody else in the club right now, and we are all mining together.” He then went on to explain what the game was all about. “Minecraft is a game where you need to survive and craft raw items from things like wood, stone, and more. There is also a creative mode where you can build whatever you want with no limits.” He smiled saying, “this is a place for people to come and have fun.” The gaming club has a video game tournament at the end of each quarter. “We play Super Smash Bros and Halo. It cost five dollars to join, and the winner takes all of the money.”

Amir Garcias playing Minecraft with his friends

I asked him what his favorite thing about the club is. He said, “My favorite thing about the club is just being able to come here after school and play some video games with my friends.”