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Alexis Hopper

The Sunlake band performs stand tunes for Bexley Elementary

Alexis Hopper, Editor

Members of the Sunlake High School Soaring Sound band went to Bexley Elementary School to perform for their students. After their trip to Oakstead Elementary School doing the same thing, they repeated the process with the second elementary school in the area.

Senior Ember Becker lets elementary students play the quads. (Alexis Hopper)

Senior Ember Becker says she enjoyed the trip and “it was fun to showcase some of our playing to the kids and hopefully inspire some to join band.” Ember was surprised at the kids’ behavior, that they were “very well behaved, more then I would expect and they were quiet and waited in their seats for me to come over to them. It was fun to see the looks on their faces and reactions to things highschool students normally wouldn’t care about.” She would do it again, “to get the word out and convince people to follow the same paths I did. I joined the band due to my experience when the Sunlake band came to my elementary, and I ended up doing the same thing that caused me to join.”

Band members walk between the elementary schoolers to show off their instruments. (Tanner Cooper)

Senior Tobias Adkins, a baritone player, also went on the trip. He says “the trip was very fun and it was amazing to get to leave school and play music with my friends.” Even though they were young, he claims it was “amazing interacting with the little kids! They were all so sweet and very interested in music and how instruments work.” He also thinks the band made an impact, and believes “all the kids were very interested in the instruments, and even a few of them told me they were planning on joining in middle school.” He would “definitely do it again! This was my second time going to an elementary school and each time is better and better.”