A 3D Artist

Jack Svengard, Staffer

Anya’s pinch pot, 3D art creation

3D art is a class available at Sunlake where students learn how to use different materials and processes to make varying art pieces. From clay to felt to paint, there is a multitude of different supplies that are used by the students to create their pieces. Junior Anya Moreno said, “I like clay the most because it is fun to work with and you can sculpt it into anything.” She also went on to state why she loves the class as “it is fun working with different materials and the class teacher is really chill. ” She expressed how it’s a class that even helps relieve her stress. “I can make whatever I want and can express what I am feeling in a physical form.”

With the combination of the great teacher, the free-spirited ability to make whatever she wants, and the available use to many distinct resources, the class turned out to be an easy favorite for Anya. All in all, 3D art is a beloved class to all the Seahawks, as it delivers to them what they truly want; a fun class where they can express themselves and let their creativity fly.

Mackenzie Southworth