Managing Time – Jasmine Doering


Photo by: Katheryn Miles

Jasmine Doering a typical freshman anxious abut the new school year.

Katheryn Miles

Jasmine in Mr. Kamps’s Science class taking notes. (Photo by: Olivia Moore)

Since June, Jasmine Doering has been wondering what her first day of high school would be like.  Being a freshman, she has had to prepare for a new school. Doering is hoping to improve on being a better student while balancing the new social life.  “I want to truly work on being more social and for sure get better at time management. I often get distracted when I get home from school usually watching Netflix.” said Jasmine. Even though distractions affect her, she still finds ways to get what is needed done. Although there may be some downsides to having a distraction, sometimes it can help put your mind in the right mindset for doing school work. Some may say that having the right mindset can be a strength for them. “I’m really good at staying organized with school as well as get assignments done on time. I think once again time management is my weakness but other than that nothing has been a problem yet.” Jasmine said.  These are some of her strengths and weaknesses with school so far. She said that knowing what to take class wise in the future is a really big plus. However, some people just don’t know what to take. Doering would be one of those. “I don’t really know yet. I definitely want to keep challenging myself in the future with classes. For electives I want to try different ones.” Not knowing what to take is very understandable within the first year or two in High School. Jasmine wants to keep challenging herself to become the best version of herself! “I do not have a certain requirement for myself this year I just want to do the best I can and i’ll be satisfied with that. I do hope to raise my GPA in the future but its only Freshman year its time to have fun!” Doering said. Everyone has a favorite academic and in this case she said, “Language arts is my favorite. I have a great teacher that I can tell that she only wants the best for me. She is so clear when speaking and helps teach such crucial things to learn. It’s only two weeks in and I know it’s going to be a great class!” Having great teachers and classes for your first year in High School is such a great thing to have. Even though Covid-19 is happening she still has many goals for herself and doesn’t have any intention of stopping.