A poem about “The most Beautiful Suicide”

Makayla Edwards

The body of 23-year-old Evelyn McHale rests stop a crumpled limousine minutes after she jumped to her death from the Empire State Building, May 1, 1947.The photo is from Times.com and photo was taken by Robert Wiles (Robert C. Wiles)

The students in Mrs.O’Nolan’s creative writing were tasked with the assignment to write a poem about the “most beautiful suicide” this is one of the poem that a student wrote.


She looked over standing on the ledge                 

Ready to take an eternal pledge                            

The bittersweet taste in my mouth                  

This is revenge                                                


The humid smell of the wind coming from the south              

Slowly falling off the edge                                             

What sound would I make when I hit                        

Ready to commit                                                      


The world felt still for a bit                                       

The piercing felling of death hit                               


The world felt so cold in a flash              

As dark as ash                                  


She on the other hand felt elegant           

So delicate                                             

The crumpled and curved limo            

Like a pillow                                    


I was speechless 

How could someone die so beautifully        

Holding on her jewelry     

The jet limo her perfectly curved hand and crossed feet           

As if she was asleep                           

How I was admiring the most beautiful suicide