The Choice (Poem)

Emelina Brown

The Choice


There is laughter in the sky

And laughter in the ground

I did once love laughter

Now I hate the sound


What separates the extolled from the fallen?

Wings of white from blackened souls?

Are they so different?

Clouds of cream, bits of charcoal?


Must indecision be my burden?

Which life shall I lead?

As I gaze into a face of age

I cannot find a fate to read


They say the answer is within

Is it buried beneath the sorrow?

Golden gates or rivers of souls

Where shall I reside tomorrow?


Time is rushing like a broken dam

Skin is shriveling like a frozen flower

Each mirror I see is shattered

Is eternal destiny in my power?


Surrounded by tear-stained cheeks

And such heartfelt goodbyes

My eyes lock with the Hooded One

He says he brings my demise


I steal a look at bright white sheets

A glance at bright white light

I hear my kin wish me well

And then I lose the sight


When my soul takes in the ebony gates

And the Hooded One takes my hand

I finally find reprieve

A life in another’s command